Treat private lending needs to boot

private lending has a long history, and private lending in various regions of the developing situation and scale are different. Fuzhou secured loans according to network news, people involved in private lending in some county-level cities are very popular with individual behavior, especially since "sister" usurious lending crisis caused by the event, is sensational.

from these events, private lending we still have a lot of vulnerabilities, need more guidance, used to promote it a bit for us, should be avoided because of its unlawful harm to citizens resulting from Eli's side. As Government, financial regulators should be inspired, private capital flows in the right direction, lending to prevent similar crisis in funding.

first of all, I believe that the correct financial information-oriented, so that ordinary people in civil personal loans and business credit in the financial services, private lending risk and crisis, to have the corresponding supervision system and enhance general public awareness of financial risks. To understand individual investment of funds through access to credit, with gains at the same time there will be a deficit, investment gains as the market changes, higher returns is bound to have a great deal of risk.

Secondly, media advocacy to work properly, there is a financial and credit crisis, don't play a negative role and increased deterioration of the crisis, investors panicked rush to recover the cost, results in a more serious situation. People's emotions are transmitted, to a large extent, to affect the mood of private lending, is a fuel or a safe and popular, are less essential and important means of propaganda.

Finally, for regulation, but lack of effective management of the private lending in some county-level cities were just an ordinary family is likely to engage in private finance and incomplete process of borrowing is too simple, with few financial regulatory intervention. And the various types of funding in full.

of course, some private enterprises to small and micro businesses selected private credit financing, but also because the high threshold of Bank loan problems, from its own operations and the management plan, it is difficult to meet the requirements of bank loans, resulting in more choice of private capital.

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