On the differences of individual consumption loan business loans

for personal consumer loans I'm sure a lot of people have come into contact, it refers to the Bank's personal housing decoration, travel, the purchase of commodities, as well as in studying the use of loans. It differs from the personal loan and what difference does it make? Fuzhou secured loans is small addendum below for all details.

first of all, in the use of individual operating loans for the self-employed, in their lawful operation encountered a liquidity or difficulties in equipment purchases, banks business loans can be used to alleviate the problem. It does not allow for lending money for real estate investing, land development, can not enter the stock market, and operation effect of pollution and high energy consumption is not environmental protection, enterprises are not stable and orderly management of the operator is not allowed to lend.

individual consumption loans issued with its philosophy, banks will continue to invest funds flow tracking, once not used to within a specified range, loan funds will be recovered.

Secondly, the loan amount, interest rate and term in terms of personal business loan needs according to the credit and operating conditions determine lines, individual consumption loans, too, is specific to the individual credit. Interest rates on consumer loans are lower than interest rates on business loans, terms are more generous. On both mortgages, personal loans require collateral, must be able to apply for personal consumption loans through the Bank's credit approval, and stable repayment ability determines. Can not require collateral to apply for.

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