On security-related considerations

in many personal loans or business loans, banks will require loan applicants to provide certain collateral or guarantee, as was invited to become the guarantor responsibility which guarantees the security of, or needs what risk? let lending network for you to answer in Fuzhou, as a guarantor of security for others, I should pay attention to what the problem is.

Bank require loan applicants to provide guarantees is a very common phenomenon. Although the different loan products, Bank loan conditions are much the same. A case study of personal loans, Bank of China, Shanghai Pudong development, banks such as China Merchants Bank require loan applicants to provide a bank guarantee. CITIC Bank's personal business loan conditions one of which clearly states that, "can provide a legal mortgage or pledge of property of the Bank, or have compensatory ability to guarantee security." Visible, guaranteeing Bank requires lender proved to be a common phenomenon.

a joint-stock Bank staff said, for business loans to individuals, their banks to provide mortgage loans, secured loans, credit and loan in three ways. Without a mortgage, banks usually will require lenders to provide guarantees, can be individuals, can also be a security company. Bank risk control considerations, usually work, income and other requirements of guarantor. In General, the staff of the institutions have a steady income, banks generally prefer.

guarantees for others, is there a risk? guarantees into the joint and several liability guarantee and general security, general guarantee is a contract agreed by the parties, when the debtor is not able to discharge debt, guaranteed by the guarantor the guarantee liability; is joint and several liability in the contract agreed by the parties, the surety and the debtor shall bear joint and several liability for the debts of the guarantee. Under the security law stipulates: "to ensure there is no prescribed or expressly agreed by the parties, in accordance with the joint and several liability guarantee liability."

at present, due to disputes are also a lot of security, debts were missing, the guarantor responsibility. Real life was often due to the feelings, and others guarantee expires if the debtor cannot perform his obligation, guarantor would have to bear the repayment obligations. Guarantees for others, should think twice before doing it.

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