On emission loans of enterprises

recent related news, using emission pledge in some areas access to bank loans, the emergence of the financial services and brings new financing opportunities for green businesses. Fuzhou secured loan small part believe that emission, as a pledge of assets, can help businesses to raise funds for technical renovation and energy-saving emission reduction, reduction of pollutant emissions.

control of air pollution, is a difficult and long-term task, governance policies and shortage of funds is a major bottleneck. In this case, launched a loan of pollution, indicating the direction of financial investment, expanding the scope of loans, improve the quality of loans, can help turn intangible assets into tangible capital, real money into real rights to environmental resources, allow enterprises to control pollution more active.

emissions trading is a new thing, hard to find in the existing laws, regulations, emission pledge or mortgage regulations, financial management or environmental managers in controlling emissions credit risks, both election pledge, optional mortgage. But mortgage is only one letter short of a pledge, but in law are two different concepts, financial sector are more likely to have intangible assets as collateral, the tangible assets as collateral.

emissions according to the rules of the current mortgage credit loans interest rate interest rate policy implementation period not exceeding enterprises paid the right to discharge effectively the expiry of the term, most not more than 3 years. Emission pledge in principle, the credit cannot exceed the emission value of 80%. If businesses due to poor performance, closing down of not repaying the loan when banks pledge of enterprises can be used to auction emission rights to get trade group, or by the competent administrative Department of environmental protection to buy back, ensuring the realization of the right of pledge.

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