Loan industry self-regulation of P2P network development

as the Internet step by step into the financial sector, a new network of the Internet combined with the financial credit system, this P2P net lending platform is a typical example. Fuzhou guarantees small loans made to understand, in order to make the credits more standardization of P2P network to be able to go further, some microfinance institutions issued a Joint Convention, to constraint network platform in the last room of microfinance services.

since P2P network loan platform appeared began, up downs v waves constantly, various P2P small loan company of rise to crashing collapse once and once of attract with social from all walks of life of concern, this credit mode can success we has been in groping, this during appeared of various problem also need related of method to solution, more important of we now need compared formal systematic of service regulatory, this is P2P small loan survival of key.

secured loans NET above small series of services referred to in the Convention, that is, from this point of view, this constraint to spontaneous acts hoping to capture the attention of the relevant authorities, to find a specification for online lending platform development direction. Even more as a statement of this new industry, and in the loan industry should be firmly express P2P network in accordance with the instructions of the central authorities, and does not become a breeding ground for financial crimes at the same time, also reflects the industry's self-regulation.

had has professional people analysis network loan platform of Lee and disadvantages, which on network loan platform whether will became illegal fund-raising and absorb public deposits of channel do has detailed Anatomy, however as industry itself, we is hope toward right road development, certainly in development of process in the exists some vulnerability is extenuating circumstances of, but as industry itself we to put an end to this behavior of occurred, clear defined P2P network loan service of characteristics and positioning, is eventually can continued development of right road.

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