Innovation encounters obstacles of small loans where

in the face of a large number of small and medium enterprises to yell when business loans, microfinance companies to meet their many needs, has also become a complement to bank loans. According to the Fuzhou lending network small series of collected data and statistics, as of June of this year, China's microfinance companies have more than more than 7,000, loan balances increased to $ 40% compared to a year earlier. However, with the growing of small loan companies, emerging out of the financing became a microfinance company the most important and urgent problems.

microfinance company General financing through bank loans or attract shareholders to join the new Fund to obtain more financing channels are still in the exploratory stage. A few days ago, in Wenzhou region in order to solve the problems regarding the implementation of the new micro-credit financing, launched with introduction of micro-credit bonds, however the small loan bonds despite the high level of support from the local government regulators, banks tackles in release.

out of consideration for their lending risks of banks, small loan company offering micro-credit bonds would increase its debt ratio, in order to protect the risk of releasing your own money that banks think that if you are microcredit companies choose from issuing bonds to finance, then the Bank would abandon support for the funds of a microfinance company. In one hour, industry innovation encountered the contradictions of the central regulation of financial institutions, and coordination need to be further addressed.

meeting of the Central Bank in the near future capital also pointed out that Bank funds should invest more in the real economy, and regulators also issued to all branches of the Central Bank for the financial institutions to improve regulatory approval requirements, under the influence of various factors, microfinance innovation financing channels of the blog its way harder.

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