Analysis of the structure of bank credit in the near future

with the development of the financial markets, the new central leadership has launched new guidance policy, business development trend and structure adjustment of bank credit will begin. According to the Fuzhou lending network information, services from the current change of direction, focusing on implementation of the credit card business, increase micro-credit projects, emphasis on loans is now focused on the retail industry.

more inflow of funds into the real economy, is the main guide in bank capital flows, see retail and small micro-lending bank assets structure adjustment. Tendency to invest more in green high-yield corporate, small business loans to individuals is currently biased towards one side.

analysis of the industry, domestic banks are all trying to adjust and optimize capital structure, adjustment lending earnings stability. Retail lending business grew significantly in total credit lines accounted for the relatively large, proportion and types of mortgage loans fell in the past, small business loans and car loans to increase.

the relevant data from the statistics, Bank loan income significantly higher than that of the same period last year, a rapid increase on. While CCB is retail lending business occupies the first place in the first half, loans rose almost 10 per cent. Also in the second quarter of this year, the ping an Bank, retail financial services accelerated significantly, credit card loan balances in second place, followed by growth in auto loans and personal loans. From the development of banks as a whole, have made adjustments in the credit structure, loan funds are invested real estate enterprises have significantly decreased.


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