Analysis of causes of lack of access to bank credit

with the development of social and economic life, people no longer resist borrowing from a service. Individuals in temporary cash flow deteriorated, or House have enough money on hand, big-ticket purchases can't scrape together the money of can borrow money from banks to do it. Fuzhou lending network here to say today is that meet personal loans not be approved due to what it? even though we had made ready to borrow money, but the Bank will grant you is a very key issue.

usually not personal loans issued by banks will be involved:

1. current outstanding loan principal or guarantor;

2. credit card overdue currently exists;

3. the quasi-credit card overdrawn for more than 180 days is also documented (not including card fee and annual fee);

4. credit cards unpaid minimum payment in the last 12 months period of more than 6 times record (not including card fee and annual fee);

5. single loan within 24 months of not repaying more than 6 consecutive record exists (including guarantor);

6. nearly two years loan extension (extension) or debts and other records;

7. today loans overdue for more than 24 records;

8. be prosecuted for bad credit record;

due to various reasons, forgot to have a bad credit credit card repayment date; these are relatively small, but accumulated became a large problem, at critical times such as when you need to apply for a personal loan gives you trouble. Daily financial activities, is the best proof of your personal credit, make a good record will you play a good role in the financial business in the future!

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