Advance green credit environmental protection Enterprise profit

everywhere in our daily life to advocate green life, creating a better low-carbon life. Can be seen with the development of society, improving the quality of people, people's pursuit is also changing. Green, low carbon as now appears higher vocabulary. Not only that, we also advocate for enterprise development of green, environmental protection, such as Fuzhou lending network news reports, enterprises with environmentally friendly sewage facilities, loan financing can be obtained on the Bank's good help.

now we often can heard green credit this claims, that what what is green credit, simple of said, green credit is through financial means prompted enterprise will environmental, and low can, and resources save, and protection ecological environment and the reduced pollution, production elements into to himself of enterprise production in the to, change original of extensive type only front interests, regardless of human long-term development of enterprise production mode, let we by some enterprise also participation to human of survival environmental protection in the to.

now if you encountered funding problems in the production and operation of enterprises, and if your business happened to be a green company, has its own sewage facilities has a complete decontamination system to cut emissions, then you are very lucky, take advantage of this you can obtain mortgage loans from the Bank, to resolve your money now. This new and innovative loan initiative, has been in the Hebei region row precedent.

it is through enterprises that discharge pollutants to obtain bank loans backed by right, it reflects the value of a new resource, is the use of the financial means of promoting the adjustment of industrial structure of innovation, but also provide convenient opportunities for business transformation. Corporate emission as a bridge to financial transactions, has precedents in many foreign countries, is a common practice of the international community to promote environmental protection.

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